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INTERFINi has delivered energy consulting services for the past 8 years, working on a wide range of assignments nation- wide for clients, including government agencies and private sector project developers.

Its track record details extensive knowledge and understanding of the issues around varied energy solutions via grid biomass, solar, hydro power, wind as well as the related subjects of green energy, energy efficiency and energy management.


INTERFINi is able to offer a broad range of consultancy services including market analysis, surveys, resource assessments, feasibility studies, due diligence reports, capacity building and training.

Fully-independent, INTERFINi remains objective and thus the right choice to partner with be it in providing technical support in accelerating an energy development agenda, facilitating grid as well as off-grid private-public endeavours, consumer awareness building and support private sector last mile distribution solutions.

Some of INTERFINI’s most recent undertaking includes:

  • Integrated Resource & Resiliency Plan (IRRP) in Tanzania

    INTERFINi has been working with ICF USA developed USAID funded IRRP to improve long-term planning and decision-making in the power sector. INTERFINi coordinates the efforts as the local partner to ICF in all aspects of the program including goals and outcomes, reviews and feedback, and technical development.
  • Energy Efficiency Accelerator

    INTERFINi has been the lead assistance in the Energy efficiency training programmes, specifically Electricity tariff Optimisation and Green building and the development of Building energy efficiency in Tanzania.
  • Evidence Based Policy Advice

    INTERFINi has assisted government agencies toward high performance via ad-hoc reviews cost benefit analyses, welfare and development impacts. It has offered action-based advise solely based on its belief in evidence based solutions.


INTERFINi in a Consortium with TIB/CRDB carried out the Trust Agent function for the Rural Energy Fund under the Rural Energy Agency (REA) i.e. responsible for the administration of grant payments, including financial disbursements, verification and monitoring activities. Specifically INTERFINi performs: technical monitoring, supervision, evaluation of rural energy projects, grid and off grid energy undertakings.


Our Energy consultancy is:

  • Efficient – Adopt an efficiency first approach to solutions.
  • Independent – Recommend Objective appropriate solutions for clients.
  • Strategic – Review sustainable energy solutions from traditional renewable to innovative appropriate solutions.
  • Offering – Performance & Market analysis; Techno- economic studies; Due diligence; Capacity building and training solutions.

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