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Together with Energy Consulting and Business Development we offer variety of other services....

Process Review & Development

Supervision, Monitoring & Evaluation.

Following up closely project implementation activities to ensure adherence to set standards and guidelines. Project achievements are analysed vis-à-vis planned activities identifying the bottlenecks to under performance with the objective of setting corrective measures.

Efficiency Analysis.

Data is collected corresponding to the use of plant and machinery, instruments, materials, labour, finance and management among others.

The attained performances is then compared to set standards to determine efficiency levels. The body of knowledge which determines under utilization or full capacity utilization of plant and machinery, best use of instruments material labour and financials among other fall under Efficiency Analysis. Business Process Re-engineering. This corresponds to review of set our business processes with a view of moving at par with current trends or incorporating best practices for maintaining competitive advantage.

Receivership & Financial Restructuring : A company is subjected to Receivership because its debts service capability is derailed completely. A Receiver /Manager is appointed by the company’s lenders and other stakeholders with instructions to monitor operations and ensure that part of her revenues pays debts. A company may attract Financial Restructuring if its portfolio of debt finances is in arrears. If you are in arrears you become a subject for receivership or even total liquidation. A company usually requests for rescheduling of her loans repayment plans in which interest areas are capitalized. Related Financial Restructuring options corresponds to extension of loans repayment period and scaling down of the interest rates.

Restructuring : When changes are accommodated to existing practices w then talk of restructuring .Change in leadership, products,marketing organisation and more importantly investors to the company define the process of restructuring.

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