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Together with Energy Consulting and Business Development we offer variety of other services....

Project Consulting

Project Preparation and Appraisal

Putting in place requirements necessary for establishment of a project is primal to project consulting. INTERFINi capability starts when our clients contract us for the preparation of feasibility studies on their project ideas. Where a feasibility study is in place and a prototype is in operation.

INTERFINi can prepare a full business plan with the objective of assessing the project technical, economic and social desirability and the project financial viability. Appraisal of the project information is giving out the summary of the project viability results and recommend for its implementation or rejection to invest in the project.

Capital mobilization, Financial and Transaction advisory.

Equity capital from existing and new shareholders is solicited and firmed up ready for injection to the project. Capital mobilization also includes solicitation of loan funds or credit facilities from suppliers of plant and equipment. Clients are normally advised on the optimal and best options for the project financing.

Specialized Transaction support.

We enter into the foot of a client to execute a task to its logical conclusion and to the satisfaction of the client for  a fee.

Feasibility studies.

We have the capacity to collect data and analyse it with the view of advising our client on the project technical coefficients to allow further investigation on financial returns.

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