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Customized Training Program for TRA

INTERFINi has been designing and training Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) senior staff in various customised peogrammes and providing them with tolls for effective taxation methods to ensure that companies in specialised industries pay their fair share of taxes.

In the past ten years INTERFINi organised customised training programmes for TRA. These include;

Training Portfolio

  • Two weeks course in Fraud and Anti Money Laundering
  • Two weeks course in Taxation on Multinational Corporations and Transfer Pricing
  • Two Weeks Training Program on Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation
  • Two weeks course in Financial Institutions, Banks, Insurance, E- Commerce
  • Two weeks course in Taxation on Communication and other related sector companies
  • One Week Training on Practical Skills in Auditing of Building Contractors and real state
  • Auditing Taxation of Extractive Sector (Taxation of Natural Resources)
  • One week Training on Emerging Sectors - Oil, Gas and E-commerce

Survey on the Applicability of Labour Based Technology in Construction in Tanzania July –Sept 2008.

INTERFINi in conjunction with Japan Eight Engineering Consultants were commissioned by JICA to conduct a survey on the applicability of LBT (Labour Based Technology) in Construction in Tanzania. The task entails conducting a nationwide survey, coordinate zonal meetings and prodiving a survey report.

Appropriate Technology Institute (ATTI) Strategic Plan.

JICA (Tanzania Office) commissioned INTERFINi to conduct review of ATTI’s Strategic plan (2005-2010) and develop a new Business Strategic plan for 2010-2015; October 2009-February 2010.

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