Our Story

About interFINi

INTERFINi Consultant Limited is a corporate consulting services company established in 2006 to carry out consultancy services in financial, project management, fund management, strategic investment, corporate and international finance. Also to conduct feasibility studies for projects’ economic impact, benchmarking as well as policy analysis for corporate decision making.

INTERFINi is fully committed to deliver highest quality project management support, technical advice and assistance; it is persistently working towards continuous improvements of its services and proven commitment to its clients thereby providing products of excellent quality, institutional efficiency with operational success.

Our Inner Strength

Effective Net-working

INTERFINi has positioned itself in a leading position by drawing upon its extensive professional network in various fields to meet the various challenging needs of its clients as deem necessary. It is through a coordinated network that it draws upon all the needed expertise and experience to address the continuous changes and requirements posed by the current technological advancement of the modern world.

INTERFINi maintains close links to many specialist consultancy companies both within Tanzania and abroad, giving it the ability to source consultants as well as expert information to match the specific requirements of assignments and satisfy its clients’ expectations.

Practical Experience Sharing

The Consulting team bridges along rich experiences and enthusiasm to meet the INTERFINi’s clients’ needs. Not only are team members recognized professionals in their respective fields, they also bring along comprehensive skill-mix that is appropriate for the scope of INTERFINi’s areas of expertise.

Furthermore, they have been involved in a number of assignments locally and internationally which enables them to provide practical technical support, share experiences and offer effective management.

Rural Energy Projects Monitoring and Evaluation

NTERFINi is the only consulting firm with over seven years of experience in Supervision, Monitoring and Evaluation of Rural Energy Projects. It has supervised over 200 projects in Tanzania Mainland; it has vast experience in Tanzania Rural Environment and overall project operations in the country.

We believe that this presents our main competitive edge and as such we strive to constantly upgrade and fine-tune these methodologies to remain in line with the local and regional business environment.

Home Grown Experience with International Flavor

INTERFINi is proud of its Tanzanian experience coupled with wide international experience having attained in the course of its business association with its clients. INTERFINi has added advantage of being familiar with the Tanzanian context in (policy, legal and institutional framework) across business sectors as far as overall development projects are concerned.

Our Service target

INTERFINi’s major target is to satisfy its clients through provision of effective, high quality and excellent customer services at competitive rates, with a vision of being a Successful, leading finance, investment, energy projects and Fund management consulting firm in Tanzania.

Our services target a multitude of institutions including multi-national  organizations, government ministries, agencies, local government authorities, private sector organizations, international consultancy firms as well as professional and international development organizations.