Greening the Grid

INTERFINi is working as a subcontractor to National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in a USAID funded project to coordinate the Support for Tanzania Grid Integration and Resilience Project. This project aims at providing technical support and capacity building through workshops to the Ministry of Energy, TANESCO, ZECO, EWURA, ZURA and other key Energy Stakeholders. In … Read more

Greening the next decay

In the year 2017 INTERFINi coordinated and provided support to the The East Africa Green Building Forum (EAGBF) organized by the USAID and facilitated by ICF in collaboration with the Tanzania Green Building Council, themed “Greening the Next Decade”. The first ever East Africa Green Building Conference was conducted in the year 2015, which was … Read more

Self Effectiveness Training

It was a beautiful morning in Dar es Salaam, on the Friday of 28th August 2020, when the in-house staff from INTERFINI Consultants ltd (INTERFINi) took a break from their usual 4-walls office setting and checked in at the scenic RAMADA Hotel in Kunduchi Beach areas. This was not a normal working day for INTERFINi … Read more

Energy Consulting

INTERFINi has delivered Energy Consulting and Management Services to Energy Projects over Ten Years, working with a wide range for clients, including Government agencies, the Private sectors and international organizations. Some of INTERFINi’s most recent undertaking includes: INTERFINI in Consortium with TIB/CRDB is carrying out the Trust Agent function for the Rural Energy Fund under … Read more

Tanzania Rural Electrification Expansion Program

Tanzania Rural Electrification Expansion Program (TREEP) is a World Bank funded project under Government of Tanzania through its Rural Electrification Agency (REA) which comes in to gear further implementation of the Program (NREP) 2013-2022. The program development objectives are to: Increase access to electricity in rural areas. Scale up the supply of renewable energy in … Read more

Solar Lantern giving back

This year 2018 INTERFINi celebrates 12 years of service since its inception working on a wide range of assignments for Finance Investment, and Development Projects. With 10 years of Energy Consulting experience as Trust Agent for REA (Rural Energy Agency). INTERFINi has experience challenges that Rural Health Services are facing in providing services during the night without a … Read more

Sanitary Pad Giveaway

A large number of women and girls menstruate in unhygienic and unhealthy ways due to a lack of access to proper information/education, toilets, menstrual hygiene products, and inadequate sanitation. In the celebration of INTERFINi's 12th year of service in the year 2018 among other activities, INTERFINi staff visited Handeni District in Tanga Region and donated boxes … Read more