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A large number of women and girls menstruate in unhygienic and unhealthy ways due to a lack of access to proper information/education, toilets, menstrual hygiene products, and inadequate sanitation. In the celebration of INTERFINi's 12th year of service in the year 2018 among other activities, INTERFINi staff visited Handeni District in Tanga Region and donated boxes of sanitary pads for girls to a selected Secondary School. INTERFINi was warmly welcomed by Handeni District Commissioner Hon Godwin Gondwe and was invited to his office for a short introductory meeting and greetings. The boxes of pads were then given to the Handeni District Education Officer, who appreciated INTERFINi for remembering such a gift to the girls as there is a high need for more awareness to be raised among women, men, boys, and girls on menstrual health and hygiene.