INTERFINi has delivered Energy Consulting and Management Services to Energy Projects over Ten Years, working with a wide range for clients, including Government agencies, the Private sectors and international organizations.

Some of INTERFINi’s most recent undertaking includes:

  • INTERFINI in Consortium with TIB/CRDB is carrying out the Trust Agent function for the Rural Energy Fund under the Rural Energy Agency [REA]. INTERFINi performs technical monitoring, supervision and evaluation of rural energy projects extending from grid extension to off grid energy undertakings.
  • INTERFINi was engaged as a sub-contractor and local partner to ICF International USA in USAID funded Tanzania Integrated Resources and Resiliency Planning Program (IRRP) which aimed at improving long-term planning and decision-making in the power sector in Tanzania.
  • INTERFINi is working as subcontractor to NREL USA to support the coordination, establishment and management of “Greening the Grid Tanzania” Project which aims at supporting Renewable Energy Integration and Power Sector Resilience. The project strives at providing technical support to increase renewable energy deployment and power sector resilience in Tanzania.
Rural Energy Agency (REA)





Since 2008 INTERFINi has been working as part of the REA Trust Agent function for the Rural EnergyFund in Tanzania. The work entails verification of the projects according to the project’s scope of work and terms in the agreement between developers and the agency. The verification involves engineers, financial analysts, environment analysts as well as social/gender analysts to ascertain adherence to and the impact electrification has had in that community.The undertakings entailed:

  • In coordination with TANESCO Regional Offices, Private grid and Renewable Energy developers, plan and structure field visits as well as plan and coordinate interactions between REA and the Developers.


  • Successfully verifying and inspect REA funded project to enable grid extension via turkey projects, peri-urban projects, densification, substation upgrading, Backbone Transmission and Renewable Energy projects. These led to the subsequent completion of rural electrification projects in a timely manner.




Enabled the attainment of the development objectives of Rural Electrification Expansion project for Tanzania namely:

a)    to increase access to electricity in rural areas;

b)    to scale-up the supply of renewable energy in rural areas.

To that effect it has:

  • Successfully established and managed partnerships with energy stakeholders for successful implementation of desired projects.
  • Issued Project Completion Certificates (PCC) for verified successfully completed projects.
  • Conducted data collection exercise for the connected grid and off grid customers under TREEP (Tanzania Rural Electrification Expansion Programme), a World Bank funded project, that supports REA in the National Rural Electrification Program (NREP) 2013-2022.




Between 2015 and 2018 INTERFINi has been lead in provision of assistance to USAID funded Energy Efficiency training programmes specifically: Electricity Tariff Optimization, Green Building, Transmission Planning and Distribution.



The project Electricity Tariff Optimization, and the Transmission Planning and Distribution projects aimed at supporting TANESCO in expanding its ability to develop defensible and more accurate load forecasts.


The Engagement entailed a six week Data Collection exercise in a survey that covered four regions – Mwanza (focus area urban), Mbeya (rural focus), Arusha (fast growing area), and Dodoma (focus area new city).


The exercise targeted at building TANESCO’s internal capacity to collect and analyze customer data to better understand its potential customer base, and in turn, improve its load forecasting capabilities.


INTERFINi coordinated and provided support to the Green Building Energy System Workshop organized by the USAID and facilitated by ICF in collaboration with the Tanzania Green Building Council.  The stakeholders in attendance included: architects, Engineers, private building owners, private real estate developers as well as Pension funds and the National Housing Corporation (NHC), AQRB,


The objective of the programme was to provide a broad knowledge on the green building council energy systems to influence green construction in emerging building activities evolving in Tanzania.

NREL INTERFINi is working as a subcontractor to NREL (the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory), in a USAID funded project to coordinate the Support for Tanzania Grid Integration and Resilience Project.


This project aims at providing technical support and build capacity to The Ministry of Energy, TANESCO, ZECO, EWURA, ZURA and other key Energy Stakeholders on renewable energy analysis, power sector resilience, and approaches for integrating clean energy into the grid.


The program conducted its first activity the Kick-Off Workshop of “Greening the Grid Tanzania” in Nashera Hotel in Morogoro from 11-13th October 2021 to 33 participants of which 29were Male and 4 Female from TANESCO, ZECO, EWURA, ZURA, TAREA, REA  and Energy Private sector representative.