Project Management

We provide effective project management services thus achieving the project scope within the set time and budget for private and government agencies. This include:

  • Providing technical support starting from project proposal development, implementation, reporting and evaluation.
  • Providing Project Monitoring services on behalf of clients to ascertain that project are implemented as per the required standards.
  • Project planning, logistics, and execution.

Energy Consulting

We provide energy consultancy services in national and international energy projects. Ranging from:

  • Establish energy stakeholders working groups for project implementation.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of Rural Energy Projects.
  • Coordinating and facilitating training.
  • Provision of customized training programmers.
  • Conducting surveys and data collection.

Capacity Building,Research and Evidence generation

We provide technical and advisory services to government, private and non for profit organization through

  • Provision of Customized Training programs for institutional efficiency and operational success.
  • Institutional development and advisory services. Provide services for strategic institutional development and advisory services to government, private and non for profit organization.
  • Development of Strategic Plans.
  • Performance reviews cost benefit analyses.

Finance, Investment and Business Development

We provide professional advice in areas of financial management, Investment, institutional development in supporting its client on making intelligent business decisions that create value through:

  • Conducting Business Plan, Feasibility Study, Grants and fund Management.
  • Capital Mobilization: Supporting SMEs to acquire loan and support in going concern project.
  • Business Process Engineering: Supporting clients to improve business effectiveness through PBI approaches building on INTERFINi’s many years of experience and skills in project management.
  • Become one of the preferred receivership managers in the country.