2007 - 2024

1. Training and Institution Development

INTERFINi is committed to product quality, institutional efficiency, and operational success, and works with clients to improve operational efficiency and facilitate capacity building. INTERFINi has been designing and carrying out:
  • Customized training for senior staff TRA and providing with tools for effective taxation.
  • SME training on how to start and improve their business
  • Clean cooking experiential learning and behaviour change campaign
  • Energy efficiency training
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2008 to Date

Project Management

a. Consultancy Support Services for Bread for the World in Tanzania INTERFINi together with JIDI has been providing technical support to more than 25 partner organizations in Tanzania, comprising of CSOs and Faith Based Organisations who are receiving financial support from Evangelisches Werk für Diakonie und Entwicklung (Bread for the World). The capacity building support focuses on supporting partners to understand and apply outcome and impact-oriented planning, monitoring and evaluation concept as defined by BftW starting from project proposal development, implementation, reporting and evaluation. The provided support includes:
  • Supporting partners in Proposal Development through write-shops and bilateral support.
  • Conducting workshops for strengthening Partners' Monitoring and Evaluation Processes
  • Enhancing Patterns report at effect level
  • Enhancing partners’ collaboration
b. Provision of Financial Management Services as Trust Agent to Administer Grant Payments INTERFINi - the only consulting firm with the longest experience in supervision monitoring and evaluation of Rural Energy Projects in Tanzania Mainland with vast exposure of rural environment and project operations countrywide. Since 2008 INTERFINi has been working as part of the REA Trust Agent function for the Rural Energy Fund in Tanzania. To that effect, it has Successfully established and managed partnerships with energy stakeholders for successful implementation of desired projects. Under the Trust Agency functions INTERFINi worked in the TREEP, a World Bank-funded project, supporting the Rural Energy Agency (REA) in the implementation of the National Rural Electrification Program (NREP) 2013-2022. The program objectives are to increase access to electricity in rural areas; and scale up the supply of Renewable Energy in Rural Areas while strengthening sector institutional capacity.
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2015 to Date

2. Energy Consulting

Provide technical support and capacity building to key energy stakeholders on analysis power sector resilience and approaches for integrating clean energy into grid.
Tanzania Integrated Resources and Resiliency Planning Program (IRRP)
INTERFINi was engaged as a sub-contractor and local partner to ICF International USA to improve long-term planning and decision-making in the power sector specifically: Electricity Tariff Optimization, Green Building, Transmission Planning and Distribution as well as developing internal capacity to collect and analyze customer data that would allow TANESCO to better understand its potential customer base, and in turn, improve its load forecasting capabilities
Greening the Grid Tanzania
INTERFINi is working as a subcontractor to NREL (the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory), in a USAID-funded project to coordinate the Support for Tanzania Grid Integration and Resilience Project.

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3. Survey on the Applicability of Labor-Based Technology in Construction in Tanzania

JICA (Tanzania Office) in collaboration with INTERFINi to conduct a survey on the applicability of LBT (Labour-Based Technology) in construction in Tanzania. INTERFINi Conducted the Survey on the applicability of LBT covering the whole country, collected data with regard to the utilization of Labour Based Technology in the Construction of roads in the Country

4. Business Development Support

INTERFINi provides professional advice and technical support in areas of financial management, Investment, and institutional development in supporting its clients on making intelligent business decisions that create value. INTERFINi has been working with multiple sectors in enhancing business performance through conducting feasibility studies, market reviews and surveys, preparation of business plans, and sourcing funds to its clients.

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