Self Effectiveness Training

It was a beautiful morning in Dar es Salaam, on the Friday of 28th August 2020, when the in-house staff from INTERFINI Consultants ltd (INTERFINi) took a break from their usual 4-walls office setting and checked in at the scenic RAMADA Hotel in Kunduchi Beach areas.

This was not a normal working day for INTERFINi staff as they dived into a whole day of training in Self-Effectiveness, jointly organized by INTERFINi Consultants Administration department and the trainer Mrs. Luphurise Mawere from Dignitas Solutions. Mrs Luphurise Mawere explored the many angles of Self Effectiveness in a highly interactive yet professional manner. The training attendees were very engaged whenever required and responded positively. All the attendees agreed that the whole training was an eye opener to a number of things and promised to apply the lessons taken into practice for better results. ‘I wish I had learned about Emotional Intelligence earlier, I’m positive some of the mistakes I’ve done before were due to my lack of knowledge in the area’ said Ms. Alice Mwiru, Social & Gender expert.


As International Consultants, INTERFINi aims to deliver top notch services to its clients hence investing in staff personal development as part of its growth strategy is non-negotiable.

The in-house staff that participated in the training include; Mr. Naftal Nsemwa (Managing Director), Ms. Pamela Mushi (Project Manager), Mr. Herman Malangahe (Business Development Executive), Eng. Mallale Masanyiwa (Resident Electrical Engineer), Ms. Alice Mwiru (Social and Gender Expert), Ms. Joan Kanza (Administrator),  Mr. Jeremia Ulomi (Finance and Administration Officer) and Loureen Juma (Marketing Officer). 

Lastly, in the words of Prof. (Dr.) M.K. Singh in his online publication dated 23-12-2019; “Self- efficacy influences how employees will approach tasks and challenges in the workplace. Thus it is important for an employee to build a strong sense of self-efficacy in order to perform well and cope with challenges in the workplace.”


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