What We Do

Project Consulting

INTERFINi works closely with its clients in providing consulting services for effective commencement and timely completion of projects which includes the following:

  • Project Preparation & Appraisal
  • Capital Mobilization and Financial & Transaction advisory
  • Specialized Transaction support
  • Feasibility Studies

Government Advisory Services

INTERFINi strategic guidance and risk based services to Government agencies, with respect to:  

  • Public Institutions Performance
  • Institutional Capacity Building
  • Privatization and PPP
  • Fund Management

Institutional Development

INTERFINi is committed to excellency in product quality, institutional efficiency and operational success. It undertakes enterprise diagnostic studies for improve operational efficiency and works hand in hand with the Government and all stakeholders to facilitate the attainment of Tanzania Development Vision 2025 objectives, through;

  • Provision of Customized Training programs
  • Preparation of Strategic Planning
  • Development of Strategic Plans
  • Performance Measurement

Process Review and Development

In order to enhance ones business’ efficiencies, INTERFINi Business Process Review is based on the evaluation of people, process, and technology entailing:

  • Efficiency Analysis
  • Business Process re-engineering
  • Supervision, Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Receivership & Financial Resuscitation
  • Restructuring

Research Services

Research forms the basis for the development of a framework and roadmap for organisational development as well as a “change catalyst’. INTERFINi provides data and information analysis to aid the informed decision-making process, strategy development and benchmarking as well as accurate, reliable feedback through:

  • Baseline Surveys
  • Data Management
  • International best practices
  • Market trends / information

Financial planning services

While individuals may not be able to prepare and meet their present and future financial needs, INTERFINi financial experts are ready to help the client take on that challenge. It assists in defining clients’ goals, help in making a plan, and show how to stick to it. Providing a road map between now and the future toward the attainment of long-term financial goals including:

  • Benefits management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Savings and Spending solutions
  • Trust management