Solar Lantern giving back

This year 2018 INTERFINi celebrates 12 years of service since its inception working on a wide range of assignments for Finance Investment, and Development Projects.

With 10 years of Energy Consulting experience as Trust Agent for REA (Rural Energy Agency). INTERFINi has experience challenges that Rural Health Services are facing in providing services during the night without a power supply. Therefore one of the milestones that INTERFINi planned in the giving out was providing Solar Lanterns to un-electrified Msomera Dispensary in Handeni District Tanga Region.

Hon. DC Godwin Gondwe, Handeni District staff together with INTERFINi started the journey to Msomera Dispensary, about 45km from Handeni, the teams arrived at the Msomera village around 4 pm. The team was very well received by the Maasai villagers and Msomera Dispensary staff. DC Godwin Gondwe introduced both teams and proceeded to invite INTERFINi MD to give a short speech before handing the solar lanterns to the dispensary staff and Msomero villagers. The following is a highlight of his speech;

‘…It is such a privilege to be able to give these solar lanterns which will be used in the women’s delivery room to help ensure safe delivery. We (INTERFINi) are so honoured that Hon. DC Godwin Gondwe made all this possible…’

After the speech followed a short session of handing over the solar lanterns to the Msomera dispensary staff, which was followed by a group photo session.