Tanzania Rural Electrification Expansion Program

Tanzania Rural Electrification Expansion Program (TREEP) is a World Bank funded project under Government of Tanzania through its Rural Electrification Agency (REA) which comes in to gear further implementation of the Program (NREP) 2013-2022. The program development objectives are to:

      1. Increase access to electricity in rural areas.

      1. Scale up the supply of renewable energy in rural areas while strengthening sector institutional capacity.

TREEP is a contribution to the country’s NREP, which seeks to complete 1.3 million electricity connections in Tanzanian rural areas by 2022. TREEP supports electrification through both grid and off-grid approaches, including support to small private power producers (SPPs) and other distributed renewable energy sources such as solar home systems (SHS). The program’s approach draws upon the experience of Tanzania under a predecessor project, Tanzania Energy Development and Access Expansion Project (TEDAP).

From 2016, INTERFINi Consultants part of the CRDB-INTERFINi Consortium is the third-party verification Agency under the Program. On annual basis INTERFINi carries out the customer connections verification exercise and report the achievements to the Rural Energy Project. In particular activities entails;

  • Conducting site visit to 25 Regions in Tanzania Mainland; deploying of technical teams to conduct the verification of the connected customers.

  • Conducting meeting with TANESCO Regional offices and Private Renewable Energy Project Developers for planning of the verification exercise and support of the team to make verification.

  • Conducting Customer sampling verification to the selected villages in all the 25 Regions

  • Prepare reports, submitted and present findings to REA.

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