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It was a beautiful morning in Dar es Salaam, on the Friday of 28th August 2020, when the in-house staff from INTERFINI Consultants ltd (INTERFINi) took a break from their usual 4-walls office setting and checked in at the scenic RAMADA Hotel in Kunduchi Beach areas. This was not a normal working day for INTERFINi staff as they dived into a whole day of training in Self-Effectiveness, jointly organized by INTERFINi Consultants Administration department and the trainer Mrs. Luphurise Mawere from Dignitas Solutions. Mrs Luphurise Mawere explored the many angles of Self Effectiveness in a highly interactive yet professional manner. The training attendees were very engaged whenever required and responded positively. All the attendees agreed that the whole training was an eye opener to a number of things and promised to apply the lessons taken into practice for better results. ‘I wish I had learned about Emotional Intelligence earlier, I’m positive…

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