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Rising awareness on Clean Energy for Cooking to Local Food Vendors – Asha’s Journey towards Clean Energy for Cooking Introduction Asha, a seasoned local food vendor, Specializing in a variety of Swahili dishes, she caters to both dine-in customers and supplying to industrial workers in Mwenge industrial area. However, Mama Asha faces challenges associated with traditional cooking practices fueled by firewood and charcoal. Asha’s journey towards adopting clean energy for cooking practices took a transformative turn after her participation in the Mpishi Hodari training event. Asha at her Mgahawa in Mwenge area, Dar es Salaam February 2024 Background With over five years working in culinary business, Asha like many food vendor relies on non-clean energy sources, particularly firewood and charcoal, which not only poses health risks but also contributes to environmental degradation. The open kitchen setup fueled by firewood exposes her to respiratory and cardiovascular hazards, while also contributing to…

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This year 2018 INTERFINi celebrates 12 years of service since its inception working on a wide range of assignments for Finance Investment, and Development Projects. With 10 years of Energy Consulting experience as Trust Agent for REA (Rural Energy Agency). INTERFINi has experience challenges that Rural Health Services are facing in providing services during the night without a power supply. Therefore one of the milestones that INTERFINi planned in the giving out was providing Solar Lanterns to un-electrified Msomera Dispensary in Handeni District Tanga Region. Slide Show Here.. Hon. DC Godwin Gondwe, Handeni District staff together with INTERFINi started the journey to Msomera Dispensary, about 45km from Handeni, the teams arrived at the Msomera village around 4 pm. The team was very well received by the Maasai villagers and Msomera Dispensary staff. DC Godwin Gondwe introduced both teams and proceeded to invite INTERFINi MD to give a short speech before handing the solar lanterns to the dispensary staff and Msomero…

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Tanzania Rural Electrification Expansion Program (TREEP) is a World Bank funded project under Government of Tanzania through its Rural Electrification Agency (REA) which comes in to gear further implementation of the Program (NREP) 2013-2022. The program development objectives are to: TREEP is a contribution to the country’s NREP, which seeks to complete 1.3 million electricity connections in Tanzanian rural areas by 2022. TREEP supports electrification through both grid and off-grid approaches, including support to small private power producers (SPPs) and other distributed renewable energy sources such as solar home systems (SHS). The program’s approach draws upon the experience of Tanzania under a predecessor project, Tanzania Energy Development and Access Expansion Project (TEDAP). From 2016, INTERFINi Consultants part of the CRDB-INTERFINi Consortium is the third-party verification Agency under the Program. On annual basis INTERFINi carries out the customer connections verification exercise and report the achievements to the Rural Energy Project. In particular activities entails;

INTERFINi has delivered Energy Consulting and Management Services to Energy Projects over Ten Years, working with a wide range for clients, including Government agencies, the Private sectors and international organizations. Some of INTERFINi’s most recent undertaking includes: